Team Behind “OutsideBeasts”

Outsidebeasts is a review-based site where you can find lists of tools & equipment, and travel gadgets. We aim to provide comprehensive yet detailed reviews on travel-related products and/or services.

It’s no longer a secret that preparing your travel could be a daunting task whether it’s for a family vacation, business trips or backpacking. Once you go online, there are hundreds(if they’re not thousands) of travel products and services in diverse brands and prices. Travelers are usually confused with such extensive questions and hard to find the best products based on their actual travel needs.

We at outsidebeasts review an extensive range of travel products including outfits, gears, bags, backpacks, luggage, and gadgets. Our reviews and the listed products are professionally curated so you can decide to purchase the best travel products for your next holiday trip.

Outsidebeasts is where you can take valuable insights and easily make decisions on travel goods. Our reviews will cover specs, features, quality, and comparisons. The most important thing is that we professionally craft reviews but also cover both objective views and user experiences. This way, you can have a proper overview of the travel gadgets you want to buy and make a decision shortly after.

When it comes to guide, not only that we expose things to consider and steps to take, but we also reveal the list of the relevant travel products. In outsidebeasts, you’ll always find that all reviews and guides cover comprehensive factors and users. What you need is a fair consideration of your travel needs and the best value for your money on products. That’s what we’re doing in outsidebeasts, giving you revelations to get the best items that you actually need.

Meet Our Team

OutsideBeasts is a team of travel experts and enthusiast providing reliable reviews and guides of travel products. Our team uses a comprehensive set of parameters to test the travel products and to generate a fair conclusion.

The relevant products will be listed on the pages so you can instantly consider between options without losing the guidance.



Arslan is the founder of outsidebeasts. He’s formerly a travel enthusiast and has become professional travel product enthusiasts after his long adventure. Experiencing diverse travel destinations and plans, he found the travel gadgets are extremely crucial. Then, he decided to found outsidebeasts.

Fatih Mehdawi


He met Arslan on a tour and found similar interest in travel. Mehdawi was formerly a product designer expert for travel niches. Along with Arslan, Mehdawi has been managing outsidebeasts since then. Research and proofreading are his current main roles in the company.

Ashley Kim


Ashley Kim is professional writer with Bachelor degree in English language. She’s now working closely with the team to provide reliable reviews. Kim is superbly capable to make the complicated reviews into readable insights for most travel lovers.

Steve Allen


Have a look at our comprehensive guides, they’re mostly designed and crafted by Mr. Steve Allen. With extensive travel experience and a bachelor’s degree in business, his guides are extremely reliable for diverse readers.