Best snowboarding Boots

The Ultimate Buying Guide

Snowboarding is an adventurous game and Olympic sport.

It requires a certain set of skills to learn before you are ready to descend from the snow-covered mountain slope.

The most important thing for snowboarding is the quest for the best snowboarding boots as they determine the rider’s grip on the snowboard and safety.

There are a lot of different styles of Boots that are available for the riders. The selection of a pair of shoes is an essential part of this activity.

Before getting a pair of snowboarding boots, you need to determine the quality of the pair.

Best snowboarding Boots 2019

Whenever a pair is taken into consideration, certain factors do play a vital role in the quest of a buyer.

However, there is no perfect pair that may have all the features a buyer would like and this is what the basic point of developing buyer guides is.

A product having a number of attractive features will also have a couple of cons that might make the buyer reconsider their choice. Without further ado, let’s have a look at our top 10 snowboarding boots.

Burton Concord1st Burton Concord
Our Pick
Medium Flex
Boa Lacing
Check Price
K2 Men's Maysis Boots2nd k2 Men's Maysis Boots
Vibram outsole
Medium Flex
Boa Lacing
Check Price
DC Men's Phase Lace Up3rd DC Men's Phase Lace Up
Easy to use
Medium Flex
Traditional lacing
Check Price
Burton Moto Snowboard Boots4th Burton Moto
Great option for beginners
Medium-Soft Flex
BOA lacing
Check Price
Thirtytwo STW Boa Women's Snowboard Boots5th Thirtytwo STW Boa
Fall avoidance
Soft Flex
Boa Lacing
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DC Men's Mutiny Lace Snowboard Boots6th DC Men's Mutiny Lace
Medium Flex
Direct Power Lacing
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Burton Photon BOA Snowboard Boots7th Burton Photon BOA
Medium-Stiff Flex
BOA lacing
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DC Men's Travis Rice Snowboard Boot8th DC Men's Travis Rice
Synthetic material
very Stiff Flex
Boa lacing
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DC Women's Karma Lace Up Snowboard Boots9th DC Women's Karma Lace Up
Medium Flex
Traditional lacing
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Vans Hi-Standard OG10th Vans Hi-Standard OG 2019
Optimum fitting at heels
Medium Flex
Traditional Laces
Check Price

Burton concord snowboard boot – Men’s

The Burton Concord comes with a one year warranty. It is famous for its comfort and durability.

It possesses maximum endurance and allows the user the confidence of coming downhill in the snow. With lesser weight and more support, it has won the hearts of the users.

The latest lacing system provided by the manufacturer makes it the hot product. The greatest virtue of this pair is that it can be used in every type of terrain. Moreover, it is responsive in every type of mountain conditions providing excellent grip with less weight. When it comes to descending from the slope, the major concern is the rider’s safety. Burton Concord is known for that too.

Hence, it addresses all the factors that are important for this activity, making it a pair of best snowboarding boots 2019.

  • The state of the art BOA lacing system also ensures the safety of the rider.
  • The upper part of the shoe is tightened separately and the lower part has its separate control.
  • This lacing structure allows the user to control the size according to the need.
  • The shoe gets tighten or loosen by simply rotating a knob like a screw.
  • The ropes of the laces come with a lifetime warranty.

It is a shoe with tech support; it is a word of mouth for this specific pair. The users have great experience and enjoyed using this product in terms of comfort and reliability.

Moreover, the low profile sole gives the rider maximum board feels. The material used inside the boots is reflective and keeps the heat inside the shoe for keeping the rider’s feet warm. Lastly, the liner inside the boots helps to move the toes swiftly in order to keep the circulation of blood normal and provides easy riding on the snowboard.

Lastly, the boots have the traction pattern beneath the outsole to provide excellent grip with the board.

  • Top quality outsole acts as a shock absorber
  • Easy on the feet
  • High quality design makes it long lasting
  • Might not be the best option for people with wider feet

K2 Men’s Maysis Boots

This pair of snowboard boots gives a firm grip and durability to the user. The BOA lacing system present in this pair is splendid. It even gives the option to tighten the shoe from the heel for having a nice grip.

The support and comfort it provides are always appreciated by its users.

  • However, the downside mentioned by some of the users is that it gets really tight and the foot becomes numb when the blood circulation is hindered due to the extra tightening in the shoe.

But if the user gets used to it after some time, it is the best snowboarding boot in town. Some users are of the view that every shoe seems uncomfortable in the beginning and it takes time to get used to it.

Another feature that makes the K2 Men’s Maysis one of the best boots for snowboarding is its versatility and flexibility.

  • Dual BOA: The dual BOA helps to tighten the foot from the front as well as the side of the boot. The pattern on the backside adds rigidity and responsiveness to the boot.
  • Vibram Outsole: The Vibram outsole gives it strength and endurance.

The Intuition control liner inside this boot positions the foot in an appropriate way as it fits in properly. It is an excellent choice for advanced riders. The plastic harness inside the boot keeps the liner intact so the foot does not move when the pressure is applied on the sole.

The boot is flexible in terms of fitting and it is the bestselling boot in the US. The upgraded BOA H3 coiler system is state of the art lacing system. It has a removable insole that can be changed at any time. The cushioning is so smooth that it eases big landings.

  • Adjustable inner lining offers more control to the user
  • Responsiveness makes it unique
  • Might hurt in the initial use
  • The binding contact points not the most durable

DC Men’s Phase Lace-up Snowboard Boots

This pair of snowboard boots provide comfort with style. The synthetic leather part on the upper side abstains water to pass through it, the major concern riding in the snow. The mesh panels on the boot make sure that the particles of moisture do not enter inside the shoe.

Being lightweight, it helps in easy control and traction patterns on the shoe allow the rider to have a firm grip on the snowboard. The direct power lacing system provides manual lacing through which the user can tighten or lose the shoe as per requirement easily. Anti-bacterial aegis technology provides a long life to the product by reducing strong odors that eventually destroys the product.

Support beams maintain a neutral position of the foot inside the boot.

Best  part: The DC Men’s Lace-up boot is best suited for the beginners and intermediate riders. One always likes a product that is easy to use and tends to guide you through the whole process. It is quite obvious that a product can often be troublesome in the initial use. Considering a product like snowboard shoes, one always needs an enhanced grip in the initial use. What makes this product unique is the level of comfort it offers to the beginners. The enhanced grip takes care of the beginners as you can always rely on the DC Phase Lace Up boots.
Price FriendlyValue For Money

Moreover, it is a price-friendly product. Whenever a target market is considered, we see less number of enthusiasts who tend to spend huge sums over a certain product. However, affordability is an aspect that always broadens the target market. Most of the users are looking for a product that does not have a hefty price tag and just gets the job done

The DC Phase Lace Up boots come with a variety of features that come in handy and ensure the value for money when you take a look at the price tag. For a pair to be ranked among the best snowshoes, affordability is always a plus

However, some users reported that this pair is really tight when you wear it in the beginning but the warmth it provides to the feet in the snow is great.

  • Affordable
  • Water resistant
  • Easy to use
  • Less insulation around the toe area
  • Lift in the heels is not ideal

Burton Moto Snowboard Boots

The pair of Burton Moto comes up with state of the art cushioning system that gives you maximum comfort. A pair of shoes that has a top-notch work on the inner lining surely has the potential of being ranked among the best snowboarding boots.

There are different types of users ranging from beginners to experts. Therefore, comfort is such an aspect that determines the likeliness of the user to go for snowboarding again. You would never like a pair that leaves you all bruised up in the feet as it will probably make you lose interest. However, the Burton Moto has your back when it comes to inner lining comfort.

  • It also provides a shock absorbance feature with extremely fine cushioning.
  • Jumping from the heights in the snow becomes easy after wearing this pair of boots.
  • The Burton Moto is enabled to withstand freezing temperatures and keep your feet warm in the snow.
  • It is never easy to cope with the freezing temperatures and a lack of warmth can always make this experience troublesome.
  • The inclusion of an internal gusset system in this pair ensures that the snow is kept outside.

In addition, the inner lining is designed in a way to reflect the generated heat back at your feet. The amalgamation of these features aids the avoidance of getting your feet freeze.

As the beginners are prone to falling and that poses a great threat in this adventurous experience, the DC Burton includes a soft flex to ensure fall avoidance. The use of soft flex does not only help you avoid the risk of fall, but also helps you regain your balance and be on your feet within no time. No one wants to turn this experience into a rough one. Therefore, this pair comes with the right combination of features to make snowboarding joyful.

The sped zone lacing system provides a fast mechanism of lacing that helps you tight the shoe in seconds. Also, you can customize the shoe as per your need. Minimized lacing efforts give more power to the rider.

The lacing system is divided into two halves. The upper and lower halves can be tightened separately. This provides great adjustability options to the user. For instance, a beginner can leave the upper half and tighten the lower half to avoid their feet moving too much inside the boots.

With the passage of time and more practice, you can adjust the lacing as per your requirements and always remain in control. This feature also catches the attention of the buyer and makes the DC Burton one of the best boots for snowboarding.

  • Great option for beginners
  • Durable
  • Can be quite stiff in the initial use

Thirtytwo STW Boa Women’s Snowboard Boots

This pair of snowboard boots give comfort, warmth, and support with EVA Sherpa top sheet. The custom fit provided by Thirtytwo STW Boa snowboard boots is unparalleled.

It gives a feeling of wearing a pair of gloves due to its lightweight and fitting especially at the heels.

The inclusion of moldable intuition liners provides more control to the user as it ensures a custom fit. The combination of internal foam and integrated pockets offer the maximum hold to the heels. Furthermore, toe pressure is minimized by the inclusion of a neoprene toe cap.

  • The foam is also lightweight and durable with soft flex. Where the lightweight provides more ease to the feet, a soft flex makes sure maximum fall avoidance. Being at the beginner level, you always need the boots to perform better than the best so that you do not lose balance.
  • Therefore, a soft flex helps you avoid initial falls as well as regain your balance.
  • Another eye-catching feature the Thirtytwo STW Boa brings to you is the provision of warmth to your feet. Spending a great amount of time on your knees is exhausting and getting your feet cold is the last thing you would want in such situations. For a pair to be among the best snowboard boots,
  • it must keep the feet of the user warm. This is ensured by the inclusion of a high-quality inner lining along with a foil so that ice is kept outside the boots as well as the heat dissipated inside is reflected to your feet. The Thirtytwo STW Boa ensures both and keeps your feet from freezing.

Contrary to it, some users have reported the Thirtytwo STW Boa to be not the most durable. Although it is a nice option for the beginners, the medium or high-level users often find it to be frustrating as they see the inability of this pair to withstand extreme rough use.

A durable pair of snowboarding boots always succeeds to catch the attention of the buyer. If you are looking for the most durable option, you might have to look around for other options.

These boots have always provided customer satisfaction and almost every user comes out with a positive review of this pair of snowboard boots.

  • Fall avoidance
  • Ease of use
  • Not the most durable option

DC Men’s Mutiny Lace Snowboard Boots

The DC Men’s Mutiny Lace Snowboard Boots are one of the traditional options among the top sellers.

This conventional boot for snowboarding by DC has a direct power lacing mechanism. It is a handmade boot that has a design inspired by the skate boots. It provides a great grip to the rider with a custom fit option. The white liner gives you an extra bit of style as well as provides comfort to the user.

Moreover, another positive brought by the DC Men’s Mutiny Lace Snowboard Boots is it being a budget-friendly option.

Although this pair might not be the one with all the high tech features, it has caught the attention of a great number of buyers due to its affordability. This does not only helps it to attract a larger customer base but also ensures value for money.

Best  part: This is one of the best options for the beginners. This is because the use of EVA foam helps it grasp your foot to ensure the best grip whereas the inclusion of J-bars provides the optimum ankle support. This helps the beginners to develop momentum and balance in a smooth fashion. The internal harness makes the snowboarding experience even more fun by providing the right amount of heel lift. Where the DC Men’s Mutiny Lace Snowboard Boots are a great option for the beginners, this pair also serves well for the springboarding enthusiasts.

This pair is designed for all, beginners to advanced level. The tension of the upper and lower half of the laces is possible due to a conventional lacing style. The footbed present in this shoe helps the foot to relax and absorbs the pressure.

However, there are some users who reported that the laces are stuffed at the side of the shoe; there is no pocket to stuff them after tightening.

This makes the getting on and off process relatively difficult as the integrated pockets are a nice option to have for a carefree snowboarding experience. This comes as a major concern in the quest of best snowboarding boots.

  • Affordable
  • Serves well for spring boarding
  • Nice option for beginners
  • Not long lasting
  • No pockets for stuff laces

Burton Photon Boa Snowboard Boots

The Burton Photon Boa comes with a variety of options that make it one of the best boots for snowboarding.

The Burton Photon BOA snowboard boots are providing a dual-zone BOA lacing system for rider’s ease in lace adjustment.

This always comes as an attraction for the user as it suits all levels of expertise. A dynamic lacing system provides more adjustment options and the user feels more in control while snowboarding.

It allows you to control your feet movement inside the boots as well as adjust your ankle movement accordingly.

Griplite Backstay PowerUP TonguesBurton’s EMU heatAnti-Bacterial Coating

The griplite backstay gives a real firm grip of the boot to the snowboard for enhancing rider’s safety and confidence. The rubber outsole also enhances the grip of the boot and makes a great combination with inner cushioning to provide warmth as well. The latest liner technology brings in comfort, warmth, satisfaction, ease, fitting and performance-driven results.

The inclusion of PowerUP tongues does not only enhance the grip, but it also has dual-density material that adds to the durability. Moreover, it also has a Focus Cuff, which provides the right amount of lift to your ankles and adds to the responsiveness of the Burton Photon Boa.

In addition, it comes with Burton’s EMU heat-molding system. This system helps to provide warmth to your feet as it is quite essential to cope with the freezing temperatures. This is done by keeping the snow outside the boot and reflecting the dissipated heat back to your feet.

It also comes with an anti-bacterial coating that helps neutralize the threat of any odor creating bacteria. The inner lining is created in a way to maximize comfort even when you are snowboarding all day long.

The inclusion of the EVA footbed enables the Burton Photon Boa to absorb shock and protect your feet. Snowboarding is an uneven ride no matter how much experienced the user is. Therefore, shock-absorbing footbed puts an end to injury concerns and avoids getting your feet in trouble.

This is liked by a large number of users and one of the major reasons for this pair to be ranked among the best snowboarding boots 2019.

  • Durable
  • Prevents odor causing bacteria
  • Initial use might be hard on the heels

DC Men’s Travis Rice Snowboard Boots

The flagship product of DC gives enhanced grip and comfort for the rider. The synthetic material defines an exemplary look of the shoe.

It provides a design that makes you put your foot easily in the shoe. Also, the heel cup and extra bit of cushioning give you comfort and grip on the snowboard.

The lightweight sole eases the foot when pressure is applied on the toes, ankles or heels. Overall relaxing and warm environment for the rider’s foot is the explanation of this product.

Best  part: The DC Men’s Travis Rice comes with Pro Performance AeroTech ventilation that helps maintain the level of moisture and temperature inside the boots.

The inner liners are equipped with this technology to prevent your feet from freezing and keep the snow outside the boots. Moreover, moisture control helps eliminate the odor-causing bacteria that make the experience troublesome for the user.

  • The DC Men’s Travis is for intermediate to advanced level riders.
  • The internal harness in the boot keeps your foot in the same position with a firm grip.
  • This pair comes with Boa Focus Closure System that provides maximum adjustability options to the user. Whether a beginner or expert, you can always adjust the lacing as per your desire to have the best snowboarding experience.
  • To be ranked among the best snowboarding boots, adjustability always comes as a handy feature.

In addition, the use of high-quality material in the construction makes the DC Men’s Travis Rice one of the durable products around.

Being one of the best snowboard boots along with such durability makes it a really attractive option. On the inside, it captures the foot to provide an enhanced level of grip and comfort.

Moreover, being lightweight also goes easy on the feet whereas the use of top quality material enables it to withstand extremely rough conditions.

  • However, the DC Men’s Travis Rice is not one of the affordable options around. Although the snowboarding enthusiasts who are willing to spend more on their chosen product would go for it, the majority of the users do give a great deal of importance to this factor. Therefore, if you are looking for a budget-friendly option, the DC Men’s Travis Rice might not be the best-suited one.
  • Durable
  • Easy on the feet
  • Not budget friendly
  • Not many color options

DC Women’s Karma Lace-up Snowboard Boots

This pair is one of the best women’s snowboard boots.

  • The Karma lace up for women comes with a traditional lacing that allows the user to easily tighten the boots.
  • It also provides maximum shell closure. Unilite outsole gives the user durability and endurance of the shoes with the comfort of cushioning. Also, the protection from heavy impacts is addressed by this outsole.
  • The red liner also provides grip, comfort, and warmth for the rider.
  • EVA footbed helps is smooth connectivity with the snowboard.
  •  It possesses a moisture absorption technology that keeps the inner side of the shoe dry.
Soft FlexEVA footbed

The inclusion of a soft flex is always attractive for beginners. This is because you need the maximum amount of support while you are learning to snowboard. A soft flex ensures that fall is avoided at all costs. Apart from fall avoidance, a soft flex also helps the user regain their balance in a very short period of time.

Therefore, chances of any initial injuries that might scare the user to go on such adventurous experiences again.

The EVA footbed allows the maximum grip along with the skateboard for the experience to be as smooth as possible.

Comfort along with such immense grip allows the user to get more control in all scenarios.

Moreover, snowboarding has a greater chance of getting your feet to freeze. However, the DC Women’s Karma Lace-up has got it covered too with the inclusion of great absorption technology.

This helps keep the snow outside and absorb the moisture on the inside so that any odor-causing bacteria are eliminated. In addition, the warmth is provided by the inner foil that reflects the heat back at your feet.

This way, the feet are kept warm to make the snowboarding experience more joyful.

The traditional lacing system also provides a significant amount of ease to the user, adding to the potential of the DC Women’s Karma Lace-up to be ranked among the best snowboarding boots.

A new user needs the lacing system to be simplistic in order to adjust the boots according to their needs.

Therefore, the lacing can be tightened as per the requirements for the feet to move around easily inside the boot and having the right amount of lift to the heels.

  • On the contrary, the DC Women’s Karma Lace up might not provide the best traction. Although it is a nice option for the beginners, but the traction is not rated the best one by some users.
  • Stylish design
  • Comfortable
  • Lacing system is convenient to manage
  • Traction not the best one

Vans Hi-Standard OG 2019 Men’s Snowboard Boots

The Vans Hi-Standard OG is also equipped with multiple features to be ranked among the best snow shoes.

  • The Vans Hi-Standard is the combination of classic look and modern features.
  • The rubber outsole gives it an old school look but increases the durability and strength of the shoes.
  • The traditional lacing system allows the rider to make it according to the needs.
  • The cushioning provides comfort to the heels and ankles and it also reduces the impacts of pressure. UltraCrush V2 footbed allows maximum comfort and keeps the feet warm. The rubber soles are designed to absorb the impacts of snowboarding.

The inclusion of PowerCuff strap ensures enhanced support to the boots, increasing the stability and responsiveness of these boots.

This provides more control to the user as the strap can be wrapped interior liner or the exterior. Moreover, a personalized fit is ensured by the V2 hardness, which enhances the support too.

The protection from getting your feet freeze is provided by the flex liners. Where the snow is kept outside the boots, the heat on the inside is reflected back to the feet so that the required amount of warmth is maintained.

Therefore, the snowboarding experience is smooth with the Vans Hi-Standard OG, making it one of the best snowboard boots.

  • However, the lacing system is not liked by many users as it is a traditional one.
  • The lack of customization options in this regard does not make it a versatile option.
  • Beginners often tend to use a pair that is divided into a couple of halves.
  • This enables them to tighten and loosen according to their requirements. However, the Vans Hi-Standard OG does not provide this customization option.
  • Comfortable
  • Warmth on the inside
  • Traditional lacing not customizable

The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Is it a guide to perfect shoe?

There are certain factors on the basis of which you are able to select the pair of shoes.


The key determinant of a good pair of shoes is its durability. The strength it has within allows you to swift easily on the snow without any fear. If the pair is not durable, you will be reluctant to snowboard easily. For freestylers, it should be of great importance. The pair of shoes is believed to be long-lasting; nobody wants to purchase a product that is not reliable and durable. Since the rider is paying a price for the pair of shoes, so he or she expects it to be durable.


Like every other Boot, the pair you selected must be comfortable when you wear and use it for a long time. It should not cause pain or irritation in your feet. Since your feet are attached to the snowboard, you need to have a comfortable pair of boots to come down the slope easily. The first and foremost aspect of any pair of Boots is the comfort it provides; no one is ready to wear an uncomfortable pair of boots even for regular use. And when it comes to snowboarding, comfort is always the first and primary consideration of every rider.


The pair you select for your journey down the hill must support you in every position. To reduce the risks of injury, the selection of the boots which gives maximum support after attaching with the board is mandatory for a rider.


The pair should be putting the hiker at ease. If the rider feels the feet in a very irritating position, the safety of the rider is compromised. The fitting of the boots in the rider’s foot must be comforting and easy to maneuver in the snow.


Like every other boot, the sole outside the snowboarding boot is called the outsole. It has patterns on its surface that are attached with the snowboard for optimum grip allowing the rider to move easily.


The lacing system decides the adjustability and dependability of the boot. There are three lacing systems depending on the need of the rider i.e. traditional, speed and BOA lacing systems. For a pair to be rated as the best snowboarding boots, the inclusion of an easy to tie lacing mechanism is always a plus.


It is s soft foot-like layer at the footbed. It is made to bear the pressure of the foot during the snowboarding activity. The better the insole, the lesser the fatigue caused to the rider.

Boot to Board size ratio

The ratio of the
boot with the board should be determined properly. The most common mistake while buying a pair is the selection of proper size that correlates with the board. Getting a shoe that is too large or too small as compared with the board may result is safety risks.

Why should this buyer guide be trusted?

The purpose of this article is to discuss various aspects of snowboard boots and provide an unbiased review about the selection of boots. The reviews are not inclined towards one brand or the other. The details and discussions are solely research based and clearly explained for the users who intend to buy a pair of snowboard boots.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are snowboarding boots really essential?

Although these boots can be rented at the resort, it is suggested to get a personal pair as that would be designed specifically for your feet. This provides more comfort to you and the proper fit makes your experience more smooth and entertaining.

Do snowboarding boots really make a difference?

Snowboarding boots make a real difference when it comes to snowboarding. They come in a variety of flex options. The selection of flex is made upon the level of expertise of a person. For a beginner, soft flex is more suitable as it ensures fall avoidance and helps regain control. On the contrary, the expert users select stiff flex to adjust their requirements.

How long do the snowboards last?

An average pair of snowboarding boots are expected to last up to 100 days. However, other factors also affect the life of a pair. More use will result in wear and tear and cause it to deteriorate early.

What is an ideal fit for snowboarding Boots?

An ideal fit is the one that does not feel like the right size initially. This is because if it feels tight initially, it will result in damage to your feet.

How to choose the ideal pair?

In an ideal snowboarding boots pair, one’s feet barely touch the end of the boot. While choosing the pair, you need to experience the boot end while the boot is fully laced up.

Can I use ski boots for snowboarding?

The only similarity between the two is that they strap your feet. However, one cannot use downhill ski boots for snowboarding and vice-versa.

How do I store snowboarding boots?

Snowboarding boots must be kept upright while storing and another idea is to keep a plastic sheet over them so that air circulation is not stopped and dust is also kept outside.

Should the inner liners be heat molded?

Having the inner liners heat molded is that it ensures having a custom fit. Moreover, the breaking-in process is also made quite convenient by having the inner liners molded.

Are freestyle and freeride boots the same?

What differentiates the two is the strength in the design. Freeride boots are relatively stiffer whereas the freestyle boots are softer.

How much importance does the lacing system hold?

Modern lacing systems do save time as you can lace up quickly with them. However, most of enthusiasts do not view it as a major advantage.

Parting Note – Wrapping it up

What a buyer tends to buy depends mostly on the needs and what they are looking for.

A lot of other factors come into play like the expertise level of a user and the enthusiasm they have for snowboarding.

Obviously, an individual who goes for snowboarding occasionally will look for the most best snowboarding boots. A beginner will need a pair that ensures fall avoidance and keeps the feet warm at all conditions.

An enthusiast of this adventure would love spending money finding a feature-equipped pair of snowboarding boots. Therefore, the requirements change according to the needs of the buyer.
Other factors that play a vital role in the selection of snowboarding boots include the comfort it brings, the look it has, and the brand reliability. Some products enlisted in our guide come with an official warranty, which automatically catches the trust of the buyer as they feel assured that the bought product would ensure value for money.

So, these factors are kept into consideration by the manufacturers as well while designing a product.

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